Kawasaki Warranty

Kawasaki Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty cover

Kawasaki warrants the product specified to be free of manufacturing defects for the period shown in the table from the original date of sale by an authorised Kawasaki dealer.

If, within the warranty period, a failure occurs which is determined by Kawasaki to be caused by a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will, at its discretion, arrange for the repair or replacement of the necessary parts at no cost to the customer. This can be carried out by any authorised Kawasaki Dealer. However, it is recommended that you have repairs and servicing done by the original selling dealer who has a full history and knowledge of your product.

The warranty period will start from the date of sale to the customer or from the date of first use, whichever is earlier. If a machine is sold but not taken from the selling dealer by the customer until a later date, the warranty period will start from the actual date of handover to the customer.

Warranty periods



Motorcycle Street-legal

24 months

Off-Road/Enduro (excluding KX models)

6 months

Jet Ski® Personal Watercraft (PWC):
Private use1
Business use

24 months
12 months

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) / All uses2

24 months

MULE® Utility Vehicles / All uses2

12 months

1Private use - a private user is defined as “any person who is acting for purposes which are not related to his trade, business or profession”.
2All uses - means private and / or business use but excludes use for racing or competition. Refer to the warranty terms and conditions.

Warranty terms and conditions

IMPORTANT - please make sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact your Kawasaki dealer.

Note the following terms used throughout this document: ‘Kawasaki’ = Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V., ‘Dealer’ = Official Kawasaki dealer authorised for the relevant product group.

This warranty contains obligations and exclusions solely on the part of Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. and not on the part of any dealer.

Nothing in this document shall be construed as an agency between Kawasaki and any of its authorised dealers or their staff.

Under current EU Consumer Law you have certain statutory rights contained within legislation governing the sale of goods to consumers (private users).

This warranty does not in any way detract from or affect the statutory rights of the purchaser.

Please note: The warranty provided by Kawasaki only applies to those products officially imported by Kawasaki Motors Europe NV and sold within its sales and distribution territories by an authorised Kawasaki dealer.

Warranty exclusions

Kawasaki will not accept responsibility if, in its sole opinion, the part or parts require repair or replacement as a direct result of:

  1. Alteration from standard specification in a manner which affects the performance, durability or safety of the product or any of its component parts or genuine Kawasaki accessories. e.g.:
    1. The fitment of non-genuine Kawasaki parts or accessories, unless these are recommended or approved in writing by Kawasaki.
    2. Modifications or adjustment not recommended or approved in writing by Kawasaki.
    3. The fitment of Kawasaki Racing Parts.
  2. The use of lubricating oils, fuel or other fluids (including cleaning materials) which are not in accordance with the recommendations contained in the owner’s manual.
  3. Improper use, improper repair (this includes fitment of non genuine or ‘pattern’ parts); accidental or fire damage, contamination by or submergence in water.
  4. Deterioration due to normal wear and tear in service. The warranty does not cover routine service adjustment or normal replacement of service items (such as oils, fluids, spark plugs, filters) or wear and tear items (such as batteries, brake and clutch friction materials, drive chains or belts and tyres, cables and bearings). However, such items are covered if replacement is required as a result of a manufacturing or material defect.
  5. Any damage or consequential damage caused by accident or by operator neglect or abuse.

The warranty may not apply if:

  1. The periodic maintenance and servicing is not carried out by an authorised Kawasaki dealer at the appropriate intervals as specified in the relevant owner’s manual. Evidence of this servicing must be produced, if requested, at the time of any warranty claim. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the service records are kept up to date by the servicing dealer. It is advisable to also keep copies of any service or repair invoices.
  2. Any problem experienced is not notified to a Kawasaki Dealer within a reasonable time or the product is not properly inspected by that dealer. The owner should take all possible steps to prevent further damage as soon as any problem is apparent. Any consequential damage that is caused by the continued use of the product after a problem has been identified may not be covered by this warranty.

Any Kawasaki products used for competitive racing or related use are specifically excluded from the terms and provisions of this warranty.

How to make a claim

If you experience any problem with your product which is covered by this warranty then you should take the following steps:

  1. If the problem is likely to cause further damage, or presents any kind of safety risk, stop using your machine immediately and contact your nearest Kawasaki Dealer for advice. It is essential to report any problem to your dealer at the earliest opportunity to enable investigation. As the owner of the product you must ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent any possible further direct or consequential damage.
  2. If the problem has no effect on the operation of your machine, contact your Kawasaki Dealer and make an appointment for the product to be inspected.
  3. The dealer will confirm your warranty cover and inspect your machine to determine the cause of the problem, consulting with Kawasaki if necessary. If the problem is judged to have been caused by a manufacturing defect they will submit a warranty claim to Kawasaki on your behalf and, upon acceptance by Kawasaki, carry out any necessary repairs free of charge.


BREAKDOWN - In the event of a breakdown it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the product is taken to an authorised Kawasaki dealer for attention.

Kawasaki will not be responsible for recovery costs or any other costs associated with the transportation of a product to a Kawasaki dealer if, upon inspection by a Kawasaki dealer, the problem is found not to have been caused by a manufacturing defect.

If the product is sold or transferred, the change of ownership must be notified to Kawasaki as soon as possible as described below.

SERVICE REQUIREMENTS - Refer to your owner’s manual for details of the service schedule and routine maintenance.

TRAVELLING ABROAD - If you are planning to travel to other countries on or with your machine, we ask you to note the following points.

  1. Ensure the service schedule is up to date. You may need to get your next service carried out early depending on the length and duration of your trip.
  2. Take out suitable travel insurance and breakdown cover.
  3. Take your warranty registration details and your owner’s manual with you.
  4. If you do experience any problems with your machine, we strongly recommend that you contact the nearest Kawasaki authorised dealer.
  5. You can contact the local Kawasaki distributor if necessary by visiting www.kawasaki.eu and searching for the relevant distributor.

Kawasaki Genuine accessories and spare parts warranty

Kawasaki warrants each new part or accessory to be free of manufacturing defects for the period shown below from the original date of sale by an authorised Kawasaki dealer.

Genuine Accessories & Spare Parts

Warranty Periods

Spare parts

6 months


Hardware (fixed to the product)
Others (clothing, luggage and personal accessories)



24 months
6 months (except where longer is specified)



Terms and conditions - accessories & spare parts

The warranty terms and conditions are the same as those specified in this document for Kawasaki products. Please refer to them noting that the following exclusions apply.

  1. This warranty does not cover repair or replacement required as a result of:
    1. accident,
    2. misuse or neglect,
    3. lack of reasonable and proper maintenance,
    4. incorrect installation or assembly,
    5. repairs improperly performed or replacements improperly installed,
    6. use of parts or accessories not conforming to Kawasaki’s specifications,
    7. modifications not recommended or approved in writing by Kawasaki, and/or,
    8. normal wear and deterioration caused by the use of the Kawasaki part or accessory.
  2. The following are specifically excluded from the terms and provisions of this warranty:
    1. Any Kawasaki part or accessory installed or used on a KX designated model Kawasaki motorcycle.
    2. Any Kawasaki part or accessory used on a Kawasaki product engaged in competitive racing.
    3. Any Kawasaki part installed or used on another manufacturer’s product.
    4. Any Kawasaki accessory modified for use or installed on a Kawasaki model for which it is not designed or recommended.
    5. Any Kawasaki accessory modified for use on another manufacturer’s product.
    6. Labour costs for fitting replacement parts under this warranty unless the original warranted part or accessory was fitted by an authorised Kawasaki dealer.

Transfer of warranty

The warranty is transferable at Kawasaki’s discretion subject to the Terms and Conditions having been met.

To transfer this warranty, either ask your authorised Kawasaki dealer to make the transfer using their on-line system, or write or email Kawasaki at the relevant address shown on www.kawasaki.eu quoting all of the details from your warranty registration document, including the date of purchase and mileage.

The same terms and conditions apply to the new owner, but note that the warranty expires in all cases after the specific period shown above from the date of sale to the original purchaser.

Servicing requirements

Kawasaki products perform best with regular maintenance and servicing and each model has a maintenance schedule designed to keep it operating at its optimum performance level.

We recommend the vehicle is serviced by an authorised Kawasaki dealer in accordance with the servicing schedules detailed in your owner’s manual. Please ensure your dealer records the details whenever a service is carried out and also updates the service history. We suggest you keep copies of any service documents or repair invoices.

Your responsibility: Any maintenance schedule would be incomplete without your own active participation in making the daily inspection as detailed in the owner’s manual. Regular cleaning is also essential, and should be undertaken as often as necessary, especially in winter, to help prevent damage or corrosion caused by road salt or other harmful deposits.

Note that damage to paint work, plated materials or chrome due to external influences such as accident damage, climatic, thermal, chemical, industrial pollution, or insufficient care or protection from elements is excluded from the warranty.

Kawasaki dealer service: Kawasaki dealers are equipped with special tooling, manuals and service information, and have Kawasaki trained service staff. We back this up with a technical support and parts supply service to further enhance the quality of service available to you.

Pre-delivery inspection: Your service history begins with the preparation and inspection of the product prior to delivery. Your new Kawasaki has been carefully checked and prepared by your authorised dealer in accordance with the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) schedule issued by Kawasaki. Please ensure you check that the product is delivered to your satisfaction and that the PDI record is correctly completed and signed and that the dealer has recorded it in the service history and passed a copy of the PDI checklist to you.

The first service: We regard the first service as very important in the early life of a product. It is essential to have this service carried out by your dealer at the scheduled time.

Regular servicing: Regular servicing is the key to keeping your product operating correctly and should be entrusted to your dealer. The service schedule in your owner’s manual tells you when, and which service is required, and details the work to be carried out.


ATV/UV models used in a commercial application: If your machine is being used in a heavy-duty application or is used intensively, we recommend you discuss a suitable service plan with your dealer, who can discuss, and agree a planned maintenance schedule with you which reflects your particular requirements. It is important to note that in such applications the servicing frequency may need to be increased.