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U-lock 270

Developed to fit perfectly under the seat. Made from hardened steel with special security locking mechanism. SRA approved. Inner dimensions 10x27cm. 2.48kg.Confirmed fit on:Versys 2007-2009 (LE650A../LE650A..)Versys 2010- (LE650C.., LE650D..)ER-6n 2009- (ER650C., ER650D.,ER650E.,ER650F.)ER-6f 2009- (EX650C., EX650D.,EX650E.,EX650F.)

U-lock 210

Developed in Europe to fit perfectly under the seat.Made from hardened steel with special security locking mechanism.SRA approved.Inner dimensions 10x21cm. 2.25kg.Confirmed fit on: Versys 2007-2009 (LE650A../LE650A..)Versys 2010- (LE650C.., LE650D..)Versys 650 2015-Versys 1000 2015-ER-6n 2009- (ER650C., ER650D.,ER650E.,ER650F.)ER-6f 2009- (EX650C., EX650D.,EX650E.,EX650F.)Z650 2017- (bracket 999940985 available separately)Ninja 650 2017-J125J300Versys-X 300 2017-Please check your insurance company which requirements are applicable.

Silencer End Cap - 4 Stroke

Made by Progrip for Kawasaki. 33 to 61mm diameter.


Motorcycle paint and lacquer available to match Kawasaki genuine colors. Available in:- 25ml touch-up paint pencil (With brush)- 400ml aerosol (Spraycan)- 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml can (Water based and Solvent based. For spray gun use)Available to order online at: www.rsbikepaint.comMenu below will guide you to the RS Bikepaint site. <br /> powered by <a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.rsbikepaint.com/" href="https://www.rsbikepaint.com/">RS Bike Paint Locator</a><br /> powered by RS Bike Paint Locator


Whether you want to park your bike in a pitbox or in your garage, let your precious machine rest in style on this Kawasaki Pit Mat. The mat meets new FIM environmental codes and offers a high level of absorption and dust-control features. Size 100cm x 200cm, pile weight ± 300 gr/m², total height ± 5 mm, 30°C washable, no tumble-dry.

Bobbin set M8 with spacer and swing arm protector

Unpainted stainless steel bobbin with additional ring to protect the rear swingarm from scratches.

Bobbin set M10 with spacer and swing arm protector

Unpainted stainless steel bobbin with additional ring to protect the rear swingarm from scratches.

Premium Rear Paddock Stand

Un instrument esențial pentru pasionații de motociclete și mecanici deopotrivă. Proiectat pentru a oferi stabilitate și confort, acest stand permite accesul facil la roți, suspensie și alte componente.

Acest suport premium poate fi demontat, făcând transportul mult mai ușor. Suportul compact vine într-o cutie de transport de calitate, cu mâner integrat. Suportul este fabricat din oțel premium și are un finisaj verde și negru. Logo-ul Kawasaki este tăiat cu laser în oțel.

Opționale sunt furcile pentru a se potrivi preferințelor dumneavoastră;

  • Furcile în formă de Y sunt utilizate în combinație cu bobine. (163JAY0021)
  • Furcile în formă de L pot fi utilizate pentru a susține brațele oscilante din spate. (163JAY0022)

Front fork pins

To be used together with the bike stand to lift the front wheel.

Kawasaki MX bike lift

To be used together with the bike stand to lift the front wheel.

Bike stand

The Kawasaki paddock stand is suitable for most road bikes. Must be combined with Front fork pins or Y-forks and bobbins.


To be used in conjunction with the bike stand and bobbins for lifting up the rear wheel.

Outdoor cruiser cover

Keep your pride out of the weather with this breathable cover. Softened interior surface with sewn in heat shields keeps the surfaces of your motorcycle clean and scratch-free. Tailored to fit with or without windshield and backrest.

Outdoor Cover

This tough lightweight polyester outer cover shields against dirt, and weather. With front and rear hole for lock and elastic lower band. Adjustable belly strap to keep the cover attached in windy conditions.

Bike Cover Indoor

Soft polypropylene motorcycle cover, to protect your motorcycle from dust and other small particles. The breathable membrane allows the continuous circulation of air.Features a belly strap as well as an elastic band to ensure the cover stays in place.Size M, fits for example:Ninja 300, ER-6N, ZX-6, Z800, Z900, Z1000, W800, Z1000SX, ZX-10, Z900RS, H2 & H2R.Size L, fits for example:Versys 650+panniers (w/o Topcase), Versys 1000+panniers (w/o Topcase), Vulcan S, ZZR14, J300, Z1000SX+panniers, Versys-X 300, J125/J300.


The dual layer cover has a soft polycotton lining protecting against scratches.On the outside the cover consists of 200 Denier Polyester dyed with polyurethane coating. The flaps on the front make it breathable and there are holes- and a pouch for a chain lock. The bottom is elastic and has a belly strap which will hold it in place.The XL version includes a zippered expandable top case compartment.Size M:                      039PCU0016Size XL + Top Case: 039PCU0018Size M fits for example:Ninja 300, Ninja 400, ER-6N, ZX-6, Z800, Z900, Z1000, W800, Z1000SX (without panniers), ZX-10, H2 & H2R, Ninja H2 SX (without panniers), Z900RSSize XL fits for example:Versys 650, Versys 1000, GTR, VN1700, Ninja H2 SX with panniers, J125/300, Z1000SX with panniers

VN1700 Voyager indoor cover

Light weight dust cover for indoor use. Made out of cotton with full zipper at back for easy installation and removal.(For VN1700A.., VN1700B..)


This black mechanic jacket made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton uses Kawasaki-green detailing to stunning effect. From the green inside of the collar to the piping on the arms, our trademark shade makes this unmistakably Kawasaki. A 10cm Kawasaki logo is featured on the front pocket and there is a large printed Kawasaki patch on the rear. Having additional side pockets gives you plenty of storage space. A Kawasaki zipper puller provides a final finishing touch.


This special design brings style and flair to the Kawasaki dungaree. High quality 65% polyester and 35% cotton construction guarantees optimum protection and comfort. Adjustable shoulder straps with plastic buckles and useful pockets with printed Kawasaki logos in white. Kawasaki-green piping accentuates the chest.


A mixture of high end quality 65% polyester and 35% cotton overall in black with Kawasaki-green piping and printed Kawasaki logo on the chest and back. Not only practical, but stylish too. These overalls will conveniently go over your clothing. The full front zipper with flap and Velcro closure will protect scratching a bike while working. The attached pockets on the right leg and back provide storage capacity.