Kawasaki Care

Kawasaki Care

A range of programs and initiatives provided by Kawasaki Motors Europe to help and support our customers. These valuable customer programmes are available exclusively for products officially imported by Kawasaki Motors Europe NV and sold through its official network.

Kawasaki Warranty

The webpage provides information on the warranty coverage offered by Kawasaki for its products. It includes details on the different types of warranties available, what is covered, and for how long. The page also offers guidance on how to make a warranty claim and get in touch with Kawasaki for further assistance.

Kawasaki Warranty Plus

Your new Kawasaki is much more than just the purchase of a high quality product. It’s an investment in world class engineering and technology that will benefit from dedicated servicing and care. The Kawasaki K-Care WarrantyPlus extended warranty programme provides extra peace of mind ensuring your investment pays dividends for years to come in terms of long and reliable service. K-Care is the easy, hassle free way to keep you going, in comfort and confidence wherever you go.